Quote: The Most Powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come. -Steve Jobs
Penny the Paper Peddler of the Peddler's Post writing a letter with Gus peeking.

Peddler's Post Blog Spot

Amy, PR Director of the Citrus Writers of Florida

The day my pen ran out of ink

I was 19 years old living in a one stop light town in east central Alabama. I had moved there nearly 3 years prior with

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Picture if Author John-Charles Miller


John Charles Miller shares a short story about the ghost towns in Citrus County, if you want to know more check out his book “Citrus

Picture of local Author MaryAnn Sciavillo-Lopez

Captain Rattlebones

MaryAnn Sciavillo-Lopez is a local author and shares a tale of hidden treasure right here in Citrus County.

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Mary Lu Scholl picture, member of the Citrus Writers of Florida

Big Foot Love

Mary Lu Scholl shares a quaint love story, a run off story of her character in her series titled “Nature Coast Calamities!

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Picture of by K. L. Small local author and member of the Citrus Writers of Florida

Grandma’s December Cookies

K. L. Small shares a fun story about Grandma’s December Cookies and includes a yummy recipe so you can make them yourself!

Mary Lu Scholl picture, member of the Citrus Writers of Florida

More Rowing than Fishing

Mary Lu Scholl a local author and member of Citrus Writers of Florida shares her adventurous boating escapades.

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