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Citrus Writers of Florida Members, Mary Lu, Gary, Nikki & Paula presenting the $400 scholarship and Publication awards to Lecanto High School Winners "Class of 2024"
Citrus Writers of Florida was pleased to offer their first annual scholarship and publication awards to Lecanto High School Seniors on the evening of May 7. Mackenzie Haas was awarded the $400 scholarship and her entries “Shaking the Jar” and “A World Never Finished” will be published in the annual anthology published by the group. Two other deserving seniors, Natalia Hollohan (Dear Photographer) and Angelica Brook Smith (Spring Forward) will also be published in “Spirits of the Nature Coast” which will be available in November of 2024 online, in many local businesses, and from members of Citrus Writers. Paula Braley, Gary Kenworthy, Nikki Bouquin, Amy Amdahl, and Mary Lu Scholl presented. Citrus Writers of Florida supports education and literacy, and their motto is ‘Writers helping Writers.’

Peddler's Post has partnered with the "Citrus Writers of Florida" to bring you relatable short stories from local literary talent. Check out the members of the Citrus Writers of Florida below!

Picture of PJ Braley

PJ Braley

Deciding that copy editing other writers’ manuscripts was not enough; PJ began writing her own stories. But it wasn’t until her imagination conjured up an alien assassin named Grant Gates that she had a real story to tell. When PJ isn’t writing about aliens negotiating the labyrinth of human love while trying to save the planet, you will find her sitting under the umbrella on the sundeck with her rescue corgi, Nymeria.

PJ, aka Paula, is the President of Citrus Writers of Florida ([email protected]).

Picture of Kathleen Small

Kathleen Small

K. L. Small joined Citrus Writers of Florida in 2023 and is delighted to share her writing with interested readers. She and her husband live on a horse ranch called Carousel Acres, with two horses, four barn cats, and assorted wildlife.

She writes for the young and the young at heart. Her published books include A Dress To Remember: A Fairy Tale, and The Brass Ring Series (The Magic Carousel and The Christmas Carousel). They are available on Amazon and wherever books are sold online.

She writes a monthly newsletter about life on Carousel Acres and her writing adventures. Subscribe by visiting her website

Picture of Mary Lu Scholl

Mary Lu Scholl

Mary Lu wrote stories for fun and friends until she kissed the Blarney Stone. The books came tumbling out after that. She has written reluctance romance, horror and drama. But she found her niche in contemporary cozy mysteries. She abhors bad language, does not write explicit sex or gory blood and guts. Even in the mysteries, the real fun is in the characters; and that is where she excels. Making you laugh is the point. Contemporary stories center around two series.

Trailer Park Travails has Patty Decker, a reluctant resident of a retirement mobile home and RV Park in central Florida. She's just trying to get along (well, sort of trying) but neighbors keep dying. For some obscure reason, she always seems to be on the wrong side of the crime scene tape...

Nature Coast Calamities had Bernie Murphy. A handsome Irishman and a contemporary of Patty. He inherited a Sears House from 100 years ago with a big barn. His strong Gaelic heritage seems to bring out all things mythical in west-central Florida. The Irish Big Foot (Gruagach) Pu'ka, a leprechaun, and InverNessie - so far...

Available as a speaker - writing, publishing

Picture of Gary Kenworthy

Gary Kenworthy

Gary Kenworthy is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran who attended Purdue University. His writing career began when he penned an angry letter to a national trade magazine editor. That letter led to a monthly column in that publication and ran for years. Gary’s background and writing ability made him a perfect fit for heading the committee drafting installation standards and technical manuals within his industry.

After retirement and being married over 56 years to the same magnificent woman, his writing has morphed into a romance novel, “The Greatest Softball Game” (It’s not just about softball), under the pseudonym K G Wauthier. He’s also published in various other works, including, but not limited to, “Three Bridges to Paradise” by the Ozello Writers Guild and the numerous Anthologies by Citrus Writers.

Picture of Maxim Furek

Maxim Furek

Paranormal researcher Maxim Furek is a Hernando resident, Vietnam Veteran, and active Citrus Writers of Florida member. His rich background includes aspects of psychology, addictions, music journalism, and the supernatural. He has a master’s degree in communications from Bloomsburg University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Aquinas College. He has published six books and advocates for literacy in schools and the community.

The author was featured on Exploring the Bizarre, with the legendary Timothy Green Beckley, and on Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert. He will discuss his new book, Flying Saucer Esoteric: The Altered States of Ufology, at the 2024 Orlando UFO Conference. For guest presentations, interested organizations can contact the author at [email protected] or through his website:

Picture of John Charles Miller

John Charles Miller

John Charles Miller is a groundwater geologist and writer of speculative fiction and collections of strange stories, publishing fourteen books. He resides with his wife, Mary, in Tampa, Florida, and part time in Hernando, Florida.

John is a member of Citrus Writers of Florida, Tampa Audubon, the Florida Native Plant Society, and a course leader for OLLI/USF.

He worked as a groundwater geologist for almost 40 years, in both the US and Latin America. He was one of the earliest Peace Corps Volunteers, serving under President John F. Kennedy from 1962 to 1964 in the Dominican Republic. He is fluent in Spanish.

His books, including a dual-language English/Spanish collection of short stories are available as eBooks and paperback

Picture of Amy Amdahl

Amy Amdahl

Amy Amdahl is the owner and publisher of the Peddler's Post, Public Relations Director for the Citrus Writers of Florida, but also an aspiring published author. Her scattered brain is full of stories to tell. Amy loves to tell stories of her life and one day hopes to publish them.
For now, she is happy writing short stories in the Peddler's post and Poetry and short books for her loved ones.
Amy also dabbles in public speaking discussing the impacts of childhood poverty, sexual assault, addiction and domestic violence.

Picture of Elaine Kleid

Elaine Kleid

Elaine T Kleid is an independent Author, Poet & Publisher of books & newsletters covering various genres & topics of conversation. Elaine has worked in both the legal publishing industry & the software maintenance industry (supporting the newspaper industry) in various administrative roles. Elaine shares her personal experiences in assisting the elderly, specifically those with Alzheimer's, & also shares recipes that helped her lose a lot of weight without exercising. Her favorite & most popular genre however, is poetry.

Picture of Sean Lavin

Sean Lavin

Autistic. Schizophrenic. Marine Veteran. Law School Graduate. Aspiring Author.

Picture of Caire Lane

Caire Lane

Caire Lane was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, where she studied creative writing at Wayne State University and had the honor of editing the literary magazine, The Wayne Review.

She has been a school teacher, a social worker, and a real estate manager. She also had a thirty-eight year career in the futures industry as a commodity trading advisor and, most notably, as the owner of Investment Educators, where she taught technical analysis of stocks and commodities.

Her writing credits include stories in the last two Citrus Writers Anthologies. A short story, Halloween Party, was dramatized on the wildly popular No-Sleep Podcast out of Montreal. Her book, Choices, which incorporates the story below, is available through Amazon and the Citrus County Library System.

Picture of Dr. Charley Ferrer

Dr. Charley Ferrer

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and award-winning author and playwright. She has lectured throughout the US, Latin America and China on self-empowerment, sexual health, and breast cancer awareness. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she established Cancer Tamer Foundation to provide education and empowerment to women with this disease. She is an accomplished television talk show host. She has produced three documentaries on living with breast cancer. Her play, Breast Cancer Diaries was an off-Broadway sensation and won the Regional award for Best Drama and placed second in the nation for Best Short Script. Dr. Charley is the creator and curator of the Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project which was created to help open the door to breast cancer awareness, education, and body image acceptance. To discover more about Dr. Charley and her advocacy work on breast cancer and body love.
Dr. Charley has written multiple books on sexuality and living with breast cancer. She is currently writing a new book, Breast Cancer 101: What you should know but aren’t told.

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a highly sought after Empowerment Speaker and is available for Speaking Engagements.

Picture of Barbara Cairns

Barbara Cairns

Barbara Cairns is a Connecticut Yankee who became interested in Florida’s history after retiring in 1999. A favorite quote of hers is “Our life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Her special moments have happened wherever she has lived . . . in Hampton, CT; Seattle, WA; Goose Bay, Labrador; Bamberg, Germany; the former Canal Zone and Panama City, Panama.

Travels in many places have provided fodder for stories and articles in newspapers and magazines, online sites and in 4th grade readers, in addition to teacher manuals and student workbooks. Since retiring, she has published twelve books in a variety of genres to include picture books, middle grade and YA novels, adult fiction and historical fiction, set in Florida.

A former teacher and retired elementary school principal for Department of Defense Schools, she has volunteered at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park for over 20 years, Barbara also tutors preschoolers, getting them ready for kindergarten. “Once a teacher, always a teacher!”

Picture of MaryAnn Sciavillo-Lopez

MaryAnn Sciavillo-Lopez

MaryAnn lives in Citrus County with her husband, Felix, and her two dogs, Declan and Eddie, and her two birds, Chico and Tweety Bird. She enjoys writing fiction in various fantasy sub-genres.

Her novels in the An Unexpected Travel in Time trilogy are time-travel stories. Book 1 – Sail Again leaps you onto the Titanic. Book 2 - The Gateway’s Continuum, continues the characters’ tale in Manhattan. The completion of Book 3 will unveil the mystery of the bracelet and the characters' connection to each other.

MaryAnn has also published a collection of short stories she has written over the years, Echoes From Afar. Her work-in-progress is a Novella story of a bookstore ghost.

She is a member of the Citrus Writers group, Florida Writers Association, and Writers Alliance of Gainesville.

Picture of Royce Wilson

Royce Wilson

Following a 40+ year career in law enforcement forensics with the Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, as well as teaching Criminal Forensics and Death Investigations at the University of North Georgia, Royce retired as the Director of Forensics at HCSO in 2021.

He now lives in Dunnellon and uses his forensic and crime scene experience on countless death scenes (including at least 6 serial killer investigations) to write gripping crime mysteries that are true page-turners.

After all, who doesn’t like a good mystery?

Picture of Donna Consiglio

Donna Consiglio

Donna Consiglio is a humorist who spends more time writing about “not writing” than actually writing. She enjoys making graphics and memes that resonate with
writers. Donna also creates whimsical notebooks and merchandise for other authors. Her dream is to travel across the country with her family in an RV, so that
she can be inspired to NOT write in places other than her hometown. Look for her e-book I Love Writing, Not! which will be released July 2024.


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