About Us

Penny the Paper Peddler and Gus of the Peddler's Post enjoying time under a tree reading a Peddlers Post

In a world inundated with digital over-connect; where we are force-fed advertisements in our news feeds, our mailboxes our emails. Peddler Post takes you back… 

Back to a time when a community worked together for the betterment of the whole, by choice. That is how we flow here at the Peddler’s Post, Central Florida’s Most Fun Community Paper.  

We partner with the small businesses in our communities to provide and distribute our paper to the neighborhoods we serve. Our neighbors then choose to pick up the Peddler’s Post and support the businesses who make the paper they choose possible.  

Why do people choose the Peddler’s Post? Well, that is easy, we are more than an ad magazine. We offer our readers jokes, puzzles, history, community events, short stories from local literary talent, monthly contests, recipes, FREE classified ads (there is a charge for businesses), and so much more in each monthly edition. We keep the tone light and fun so that all our neighbors can enjoy taking a step back from the crazy everyday struggle and enjoy a Peddler’s Post.  

Meet Our Team

Matt: Sales and Distribution Lead and Drop Location Hunter

Matt of the Peddlers Post Poses for a Picture outside of Floral City Hardware in Floral City, FL

A little about me, Matt. I am a transplant from Colorado. I grew up in the foothills and you could often find me playing in the local rivers and exploring the beautiful landscapes that only Colorado can offer. My mom always said that when I grew up, I would move to a more tropical climate, as my favorite days were the ones where the sun was shining.  

Most of my adult life was spent working for Coors as a delivery driver and later I moved into the role of a delivery trainer. During my time at Coors is when I met my lovely wife Amy and shortly after that we purchased a dream cabin in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains. I started joining Amy on her semi-annual visits home to Florida and soon I too, was in love with the area and all it had to offer. I ended my almost 14-year career with Coors and joined Amy on her journey home in May of 2021.  

With no real plan for employment when I arrived, I was open to anything. We investigated several small businesses but when we found the Peddler’s Post, we knew we had found our calling. The Peddler’s Post is more than a job, and I am so glad we took on the challenge to become Central Florida’s Paper Peddlers. We have big plans for this little community paper, and I am so excited to be part of the Central Florida Community.  

Amy: Editor, Digital Creator, Joke Hunter, and Office Extraordinaire

A little about me, Amy. I am originally from Tampa, Florida. While I moved North to Colorado when I was 13, my roots were already forged in the Florida Heat.  I always said I would come home and reestablish my roots and I did just that in May of 2021 just two months before taking over the paper. 

Prior to becoming your paper peddler, I worked in financial services for 15 years. I enjoyed working in that field, but it was not the best outlet for my creative energy. I learned a lot about marketing, process improvement, ad design, best business practices and so much more during my time in that field. I always thought I would retire working in the financial services industry. Little did I know that “Life ” had other plans for me and all along it was preparing me to become your paper peddler!

Before moving back home, I had talked with God and asked for a position that would allow me to use my education, my creativity, and my passion for community engagement. I would have to say he delivered BIG TIME! I am very grateful to have the opportunity to run Central Florida’s Most Fun Community Paper and bring lighthearted fun to the Central Florida area that I love so much!

Gus: Security and Page owner of Gus's Animal Gossip

A little about Gus. Gus is originally from Chiefland Florida in Levy County and was adopted from Paws & Claws Pet Rescue just before we purchased the paper. He was just a little guy at 16 weeks old and had no idea the role he would play in the community paper his new parents were about to buy. He took on the role of security right away offering his momma emotional support as she learned all the new programs needed to operate and create Central Florida’s Most Fun Community Paper.  

Since Gus helped so much with the onset of running the paper, we only thought it would be proper that he has his own section in the paper. Hence, Gus’s Animal Gossip was started. Gus loves sharing helpful animal information to inform the community about everything pets. He also loves it when the opportunity arises that he can meet with his followers and give them a big wet kiss.  

Gus takes the role of Security very seriously. He is insistent on licking every individual that tries to approach his Central Florida’s Paper Peddler’s to ensure they taste safe.  He takes all the attention in stride and does not have a big ego even though he is one of the best-looking Pitt/lab mixes in Citrus County. Gus is excited to continue to be a famous name in the paper and hopes to continue to bring the community good pet topics to intrigue his followers.  

Chris- The New Guy

A Little About Chris, He is the new guy and he will get to this.  LOL


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