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Peddler's Post,
Central Florida's Most Fun Community Paper!

Peddler’s Post is a community paper that offers its readers FREE classified ads, history, recipes, puzzles, jokes, and so much more in each monthly edition. We offer connections to the community and discount coupons to some of the best small businesses in Central Florida.

We distribute our papers to businesses throughout Central Florida in towns that include Inverness, Crystal River, Homosassa, Beverly Hills, Lecanto, Floral City, Citrus Springs, Hernando, Citrus Hills, Homosassa Springs, Pine ridge, Sugarmill Woods, Inverness Highlands, Ozello, Dunnellon, Inglis, Holder, Bushnell, Wildwood, The Villages, Lake Panasoffkee, Brooksville, Nobleton, Spring Hill, Hernando Beach, Weeki Wachee, Hudson, Ridge Manor, New Port Richey, Holiday, and growing. Check out our interactive map to find a location where you can snag a Peddler’s Post in your neighborhood.

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Peddler's Post Original Logo a Horse and carriage
Picture of Penny and the words: The Peddler’s Post went up for sale in 2016. It was on the market for just over 5 years before someone came along with the desire to buy this little Gem. That lucky couple was Matt and Amy Amdahl, who bought the paper in July 2021!
Picture of lady with cold cream on face and teh following words. A little boy watched’ fascinated, as his mother gently rubbed cold cream on her face. “Why are you rubbing cold cream on your face mommy?” he asked. “To make myself beautiful,” stated his mother. A few minutes later, she began removing the cream with a tissue, “What’s the matter?” the boy asked. “Are you giving up?”
Picture of Penny, our logo stating- We offer our readers 5 FREE classifieds a month. We ask that you mail, email, or submit your classified ad on our website. The last day to submit your FREE classified each month is the 18th of the month!
Joke- The Bar Drunk a drunk walks into the bar and says to the bartender (with a drunken slur), “Bartender, buy everyone in the house a drink, pour yourself one, and give me the bill.” So the bartender does just that and hands the man a bill for $37. The drunk says, “I haven’t got it.” The bartender slaps him around a few times and throws him out into the streets. The very next day the same drunk walks into the bar and once again says (with a drunken slur), “Bartender, buy everyone in the house a drink, pour yourself one, and give me the bill.” The bartender looks at the guy and figures to himself that he can’t possibly be stupid enough to pull the same trick twice, so he gives him the benefit of the doubt, pours a round of drink for the house, has a drink himself and hands the drunk a bill for $37. The drunk says, “I haven’t got it.” The bartender says he can’t believe it, so he picks the guy up, beats the living daylights out of him, then throws him out into the streets. The next day the same drunk walks into the same bar and says (with a drunken slur), “Bartender, buy everyone in the house a drink, and give me the bill.” In disgust the bartender says, “what no drink for me this time?” The drunk replies, “No, you get violent when you drink.
Picture of torch and the following story: Worry Is there a magic cut off period when offspring become accountable for their own actions? Is there a wonderful moment when parents can become detached spectators in the life of their children and shrug, “It’s Their life,” and feel nothing? When I was in my twenties, I stood in a hospital corridor waiting for a doctor to put a few stitches in my daughter’s head. I asked, when do you stop worrying? The nurse said, “when they get out of the accident stage.” My dad just smiled faintly and said nothing. When I was in my thirties, I sat in a little chair in a classroom and heard how one of my children talked incessantly, disrupted the class, and was headed for a career making license plates. As if to read my mind, a teacher said, “Don’t worry they all go through this stage and then you can sit back, relax and enjoy them.” My dad just smiled faintly and said nothing. When I was in my forties, I spent a lifetime, waiting for the phone to ring, the cars to come home, the front door to open. A friend said, “They are trying to find themselves. Don’t worry, in a few years you can stop worrying, they will be adults.” My dad just smiled faintly and said nothing. Be the time I was 50, I was sick and tired of being vulnerable. I was still worrying over my children, there was a new wrinkle. There was nothing I could do about it. My dad just smiled faintly and said nothing. I continued to anguish over their failures, be tormented by their failures and absorbed in their disappointments. My friends said that when my kids got married, I could stop worrying and lead my own life. I wanted to believe that, but I was haunted by my dad’s warm smile and his occasional, “you look pale are you alright? Call me the minute you get home. Are you depressed about something?” Can it be that parents are sentenced to a lifetime of worry? Is concern for one another passed down like a torch to blaze the trail of human frailties and the fears of the unknown? Is concern a curse or is it a virtue that elevates us to the highest form of life? Now in my 60's, one of my children became quite irritable recently, saying to me, “Where have you been? I’ve been calling all day, and no one answered. I was worried about you. I smiled a warm smile. The Torch has been passed!
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